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    TCS- Series Ceramic Saddles

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    TCS- Series Ceramic Saddles

    Product description

    Tecera International


    TCS-Ceramic  Saddles Tower Packing (Alumina:17%~70%) is highly suitable for the conditions of higher temperature and lower temperature and can be much more resistant to all kinds of organic acid, inorganic acid and solutions except for the hydrofluoric acid than metal packing. It is widely used in drying tower, absorbing tower and cooling tower in the fields of chemical, petrochemical,Coal gas etc industries.


    Drying in industries like chemical and fertilizer. 

    Rectifying and absorbing of columns in producing acetic acid.

    Cooling and scrubbing of towers.

    Degassing, liquid extraction, water treatment, heat transfer in Petroleum Chemical,Gas, Environmental area

    ■ Cearmic Saddle (Alumina 17~23%)

    Chemical analysis

    SiO2 >69%
    Al2O3 17-23%
    Fe2O3 <1.50%
    CaO <0.5%
    MgO <0.5%
    K2O+Na2O 2-4%
    Other <1%

    Physical properties

    Nominal size(inch) 1/2’’  3/4’’  1’’  1.5’’  2’’  3’’
    Nominal size(inch) 286000 130000 56000 12000 7300 2370
    Package density (kg/m3) 800 680 620 580 560 530
    Free volume (%) 66 71 74 75 76 77
    Surface area (m2/m3) 630 350 250 180 120 90
    Packing Factor (m-1) 663 490 314 160 133 70
    Specific gravity (g/cm3) 2.3~2.4
    Water absorption (%) <0.5
    Acid resistance (%) >99.6
    Max operating temp.℃ 1100
    Softening point,℃ 1400
    Moh’s hardness (scale) 6.5-8
    Thermal conductivity(w/m.k) 0.9-1.0
    Specific heat (j/kg℃) 840-900

    Dimensional tolerance (Standard by: GB/T 18749-2008 )

    1. Dimensional accuracy

    Each batch saddles, 80% of ceramic saddles, the dimensions for average outer diameter and the average height within 5% difference from the required standard size and 100% of ceramic saddles are within 10% difference.

    2. Each batch saddles, the number of unqualified dimension should be less than 10%. And the cracks should be less than 5%.

    3.The drawing of saddle

    Tecera International

    4. The main dimension and tolerance

    Tecera International

    Remark: Other sizes and shapes are available upon requests. 


    By standard woven bag, other package like steel drum, jumbo-bag etc are available upon requests.

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